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7 Natural Ways to Enhance Your Libido

Each individual has a different sexual urge or drive. This is commonly referred to as libido. Various factors can affect one’s libido. These factors can be one or more than one of the following – biological condition, psychological condition, social factors, and so on. In short, it is depended on one’s physical, psychological, emotional and hormonal condition. 

If one is suffering from a low sexual urge or do not feel turned on most of the time, then there is nothing to worry. It is not mandatory to conclude that there is a problem. There are various ways by which one can work on their libido and in a way, enhance the same.

Here are 7 natural ways to enhance your libido –

1. Keep a tab on your mental health:

What most of us do not realize is the fact that mental health has a major role to play in one’s desire to be sexually active. Juggling work, home and kids is not an easy task. Also, more than often too much of multi-tasking leaves one stressed out and drained out. If you ever feelthat your sexual drive is impacted, take a break and relax. Good sleep does wonder to one’s libido.

2. Invest in your Relationship:  

There are ways to keep the fire in one’s relationship alive and ticking. Small things like surprising one another, planning sudden date nights will help you to increase the intimacy in your relationship.

3. Experiment with your game plan:

Often making love to your partner becomes a monotonous experience. To spice it up, you can try different positions of sex. This will help to excite and spruce up your love life.

4. Move your body:

It is important to move one’s body and exercise regularly. Being fit is not only important for yourself but is also known to increase your physical appearance, which helps to attract your partner. Therefore, stay fit and be in shape to ensure that you have.

5. Be open to playing with sex toys:

Many times, a couple falls into a routine when it comes to making love. In order to enhance one’s libido, it is important that one experiments and tries new avenues and props like sex toys. There are various sex toys easily available in the market such as cock ring, couple vibrator and the list is endless. Ideally, visit the shop together so that both of you can choose a toy as per both of your likings.

6. Indulge in role-playing:

Everyone has a fantasy in mind and entices them. To enhance the libido, you must indulge in role-playing. Ask your partner about the hidden fantasies that she or he wants to enact and then turn your partner on by bringing the fantasies to reality.

7. Take time out for foreplay: 

Foreplay is an important part of making love. Take time out and ensure that you please each other with adequate foreplay.

These are a few natural ways to enhance your libido and keep your sexual life exciting and appealing.

Juno Ivy Richards: Juno, an environmental health advocate, discusses the impact of environmental factors on health, climate change, and sustainable living practices.