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Why Modafinil Has No Side Effects?

To have issues with smart drugs you need to be allergic to ingredients that are in these supplements or you are using some kind of medication. When smart drugs and nootropics became popular, many companies started manufacturing them but a few will be on the top of the list for a while. Among them is Modafinil as one of the most tested smart drugs. Online shops are the best place to buy modafinil and provigil because it will be cheaper than a drug store and there are more options you can choose from.

With every supplement you buy online you should get a warning what not to do with it. Also, they need to have some kind of manual. Some countries won’t allow these products to be shipped in so you might have problems if you order a larger batch. If you are ordering it for the first time, you should get well informed about the benefits and side effects. Side effects basically don’t exist unless you abuse it.

Why Is Modafinil Popular?

The first thing people think of when talking about Modafinil is staying awake longer. The FDA approved it in 98′ for treating narcolepsy. But, besides narcolepsy, it was used for OSA or obstructive sleep apnea. Some doctors have information that it was also used to treat Parkinson’s disease. It’s not only popular among students and businessman but for a long time military used it as well.

After many studies, testers still can’t determine how it exactly affects your brain but people that were tested showed improvements in cognitive function. They have information that it enhances neurotransmitters and several chemicals. Its structure is unique so only based on the effects it can be compared to amphetamine. It affects your perception, thinking and you will feel more alert. Because of such benefits, every doctor will tell you that there need to be side effects.

Compared to Similar Drugs

When someone doesn’t follow instruction and have a chance to experience some side effects, they still can’t be compared to what you can experience with using Adderall. People that have high blood pressure or heart problems shouldn’t take modafinil but the damage would be larger if they use Adderall as a smart drug. Nausea is the most common thing you will see at product reviews for Modafinil which is only about 10% of users.

Side effects like insomnia, back pain, anxiety and nervousness were reported for less than 15%. It has been used for the last 20 years but there isn’t a clear study of its long-term effects on the brain. Some professionals are concerned that you will have trouble sleeping but there aren’t any clues that will happen. When it comes to Adderall, headaches can be seen at 25% of patients, insomnia also up to 25%, blood pressure elevations up to 35%, and loss of appetite in 35% of patients. There are more serious consequences when not properly using this drug but in fewer users. Read more on this page.

How to be Safe?

When you know the boundaries when taking smart drugs your chances in having side effects are almost zero. Someone that is taking them for a long time won’t be able to tell you the exact dose you should have because it depends on the individual. Your doctor will probably have enough information to tell you what dosage is optimal. Modafinil can come in 100 mg to 400 mg pills. Some companies make 1000 mg but that is never recommended unless you need some kind of treatment.

For starters, find a shop that is reputable and that offers free samples. Some of the most popular online stores are doing this because they are confident in their product. You will only need to pay for the shipping which is calculated based on where you live. An average dose for beginners is 100 mg which is taken in the morning. You can take it as soon as you wake up because it takes around 30 minutes to kick in.

Gradually increasing the dosage should happen after six months when your brain gets used to Modafinil. People adapt to everything so at some point you will need to increase the dosage to 200 mg. Well experienced people are taking multiple smart drugs because they got used to it and by combining two or three drugs they can get the results they wanted. This should only be done after a few years of using them.

Performance Enhancing

One thing that you can look like a side effect when taking Modafinil is that you won’t be able to professionally compete in the world championships. This doesn’t apply for athletes that are diagnosed with narcolepsy. It was banned in 2004 even if other supplements that work as stimulants like creatine are acceptable. But, they don’t have enough studies to support Modafinil so you won’t be able to compete while using it.

The results of the impact on athletes could be seen in 2003 when Kelli White used Modafinil for 200m and 100m World Track. It’s very hard to win both if you aren’t Usain Bolt. Even in 2003 they did the testing and found out she was positive for this smart drug so after a few hours she lost her title.

Is This Smart Drug For You?

Besides checking if you are allergic to any ingredient that is in smart drugs, you need to realize who should use it in the first place. It’s not meant for people that are less than 20 years old because their brain is still forming. It won’t do much harm but still, you can have enough energy to do everything you wanted in your 20s. It won’t make you smarter but it will help sleep-deprived people.

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Relying on a smart drug isn’t the move you want to make, instead, make a few changes in your daily routine and see how far you can push yourself. It is important to be realistic in these situations because people would accept more work even if they can’t achieve it on time. Smart drugs may help you meet that deadline but there are other risks.

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