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Ways to avoid unwanted pregnancy

Having sex is a natural human act. Often you might get emotional, find a connection with your partner that gets you carried away, and indulge in sex without thinking. It is important to understand that the only way that you can actually safeguardunwanted pregnancy is by taking precaution. These are not rocket science but simple ways to protect oneself.

Simple ways to avoid pregnancy:

Be safe than sorry– 

We all know that precaution is better than cure. Always ensure to buy condom and carry them with you whenever you are planning to have sex. These condoms are readily available in all shops and are pocket-friendly. Also, they are available in a plethora of textures and flavors that are known to accentuate the sexual sensation rather than dampening it as the common misconception might be.  Also, you can opt for surgical methods of contraceptive like the copper T installation. While using male condoms ensure that you choose the right size and wear it correctly.

Let both partners be careful– 

A sexual act involves two humans. Similarly, the responsibility to avoid pregnancy should also be on both. The women can consult their gynecologist and opt for contraceptive pills to ensure that they are 100% secured from getting pregnant. In addition, there are certain days of the menstrual cycle where the chance of getting pregnant is less than other days. It is advisable to make a chart and indulge in intercourse during these days when the chances are less.

Consult immediately in case of a mishap– 

There might be instances when in spite of following precautions, you falter and end up getting pregnant. It is important that in such cases, you immediately consult a gynecologist and take their help in it. Remember, that time is essence here, and it makes sense to rush to a doctor at the earliest.

Opt for diaphragm– 

This is another common contraceptive method where a barrier is placed inside the vagina. This is inserted a few hours before the intercourse and needs to be taken out after24 hours. It is a temporary barrier method of contraceptive that will safeguard you from unwanted pregnancy. However, it cannot protect you from sexually transmitted ailments.

Cervical Cap

This is also another effective contraceptive. In this case, a silicone cap is placed into the vagina so that the penis cannot penetrate beyond a point. Again, this is also a temporary solution and is easily available in various drug stores.

Remember being pregnant means responsibility. If you are not sure of your partner or the future of your relationship or if you are not ready to have kids then you need to act like an adult and ensure that, you keep the above points in mind to steer away from unwanted pregnancy.

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