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Painting of car body parts

Painting of car body parts, as well as the whole car painting, requires careful preparation.

First you need to wash the car and remove all traces of oil, bitumen, gasoline and other materials from it. To clean the car, you can use a Stoddard solvent, but it is not recommended to use greasy liquids for this purpose: gasoline or kerosene.

After the body cleaning it is necessary to identify on it all the places that require painting of car. In order not to lose them, it is possible to highlight damaged areas with coloured chalk or a marker.

The main problem that owners of used cars face is the rust appearance. There are two ways to get rid of it:

  • Mechanically. With the help of a grinder rusted metal sections are removed, the final processing is performed with sandpaper. The disadvantage of this method lies in the high complexity and in the removal of a large amount of metal from the treated area.
  • Chemical method. To do this, various rust converters are used, additionally stopping its development and creating a protective film on the metal surface. But with large pockets of rust, the use of converters may not bring the desired effect. In addition, the time, required to complete the reaction, can last several days, which is not always convenient for the masters.

In any of the processing methods, the surface of the element will be significantly different from the base. To level it, it is necessary to use auto putty, on top of which paint will already be applied. Putty is also used for the final alignment of body elements during the restoration of the car after an accident. Car painting without its full alignment is often useless – enamel is not able to hide even minor flaws in the geometry, and the unevenness of the lines will be noticeable.


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