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All you need to know about flavored condoms

Condoms are world-wide used as one of the most inexpensive precautions and safety methods from unwanted pregnancy. Now, there are different types of condoms readily available in the market.  While a few are dotted few are ribbed and so on. That’s not all; these condoms are also available in different flavors too. Have you ever wondered why condoms have flavor?

The whole concept of flavored condoms started as an accessory that can be used during anal sex. As the name suggests, in case of a flavored condom the outer layer of the latex condom is specially processed and coated with a particular exotic flavor. This way during anal sex your partner can taste the flavor. This makes the whole process far more favorable and pleasurable for both you and your partner. 

So, if you thought that flavored condoms were a way to increase condom sale alone you are slightly mistaken. The reason people opt for flavored condoms are that it accentuates their senses during anal sex. Most people might find the taste of a latex condom as a put-off. This is why the flavored condoms come handy as the artificial flavor masks the actual taste of the latex. 

Wearing a condom during anal sex is extremely crucial as it is one of the best possible ways that one can protect themselves and prevent any sexually transmitted diseases. Many ailments like Chlamydia, gonorrhea, HPV, syphilis, and HIV are known to be triggered and transmitted during anal sex.

Do flavored condoms help to findG-spot?

Many people think that the G-spot is a figment of the imagination. However others who have discovered and experienced same understand that it is indeed the reality. A few women have an area a few inches inside their vagina on the upper wall. This spot is sensitive and once pressed or stroked it gives them a pleasurable experience. Men also are known to have a sensitive G-spot that often goes undetected. Research has shown that anal sex increases one’s sensation and it helps in finding the G-spot. As we already know that flavored condoms help in anal sex and extends pleasure to your partner as they get to suck in and taste their favorite flavor rather than of latex.

Making love is a pleasurable moment and the flavored condoms that are available in a plethora of flavors like vanilla, chocolate, exotic brownie, strawberry, pan and so on only aid in making one experience the maximum pleasure from of same.

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