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9 Signs You Need An Emergency Dentist

No matter how hard we try to avoid it, there comes a point in life where we need to contact the emergency dental service provider in our area. There are several reasons why a person needs to seek dental treatment right away, but for some, it can be hard to determine whether their case qualifies as an emergency or not.

If you have found yourself wondering if you need to make an emergency dental appointment or not, here are a few clear signs that indicate your situation is an emergency:

Sign #1: Loose Tooth

A loose tooth for adults is a serious and concerning dental issue. This can be caused by an injury or a localized infection that can spread if it is not treated right away. No adult should have loose teeth and if you do, contact your dentist for an appointment immediately.

Sign #2: Tooth Loss

In cases where an accident results in tooth loss, call the emergency dental service provider in your area at once. The sooner you seek help, the more likely they can save the tooth and check for other signs of trauma.

Sign #3: Severe Toothache

Minor toothaches that go away after a few hours should still be checked by your dentist. However, a severe toothache that lasts more than 2 days will require immediate dental attention. If the pain increases in severity or leads to heightened sensitivity, seek your dentist as soon as possible.

Sign #4: Bleeding Gums

Gums that bleed and swell are signs of gingivitis. Gum diseases tend to affect the mouth in stages if caught early on the gum can be kept intact and stay healthy.

Sign #5: Swollen Jaw

If you haven’t been involved in any serious accidents, there should be no reason for the jaw to become swollen. This is a sign of a salivary gland infection. Other symptoms include fever, difficulty breathing, and swallowing, as well as a bad taste in your mouth. An infection of this magnitude requires emergency care, right away.

Sign #6: Mouth Tastes Like Metal

Old fillings that have come loose or have a crack will leave the mouth tasting like metal. For these cases, dental treatment should be done as soon as possible to prevent infections, toothaches, and cavities.

Sign #7: Dental Abscess

A painful tooth infection that has reached the root is classified as a dental abscess. This occurs when a cavity or chipped tooth goes untreated for a prolonged period. A dentist may need to do surgery or drain the abscess as treatment.

Sign #8: Canker Sore Won’t Go Away

A canker sore that doesn’t heal or gets worse within two weeks is a serious infection that needs treatment right away before it spreads. If it is not addressed soon, the infection will continue to spread and worsen.

Sign #9: Numb Tooth

While a toothache that goes away can provide relief, it doesn’t automatically mean it’s a good thing. In some cases, this indicates that the infection has reached the root. A root canal is the best solution for these cases.

Reston Dental Care provides emergency dental service using the best techniques and technology available. Contact us today for more info.

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