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The development of endurance in running with Sustanon. Professionals Recommendations

The importance and development of endurance can be discussed for a very long time. We already

The importance and development of endurance can be discussed for a very long time. We have already considered this topic in a previous article. But here I would like to add advice from professionals. Running is one of the best options in developing endurance, but how to do it right? Consider what the pros say.

Easy Start Method

At first, you always feel a lot of strength and energy, it seems that you can run through the entire planet several times without Sustanon 250 Online. However, an inexperienced beginner asks God to give a second wind after one kilometer, and those who are weaker stop altogether. If you want to stay at a distance longer – do not tear from the start, run evenly. Craig Beasley, one of Canada’s experienced marathon runners, recommends:

​​​I started according to this scheme: 30 seconds of running at the highest possible speed, and after 4.5 seconds of calm walking. So in one cycle I repeated 8 times, in a week there were 3 workouts.


A well-known Portland trainer named Warren Finke has developed a simple technique to help increase stamina. The bottom line is simple: you need to overcome the distance not with all your might. Instead of all 100% of the power, give 80%. A measured run for the entire distance is much better than jerks, which become weak and short, as you approach the finish line.

Finish solo

​Another star in long-distance races: Scott Strand share champion recommendations. In addition to a uniform pace, he recommends that you give all your best to the last 25% of the distance. It is very difficult, it can even hurt because of a burning sensation in the muscles, but you can feel your pace and tune in to it. Over time, this improves the development of endurance in running.

Bart Yasso Method

All runners know the name of the person. He created a method with which you can “cut” 800m in four minutes. Many marathon runners use his technique. One of them, named Doug Underwood, shared his impressions of her:

Run 4-5 intervals per week for 800 meters. The speed that set itself for the goal. After, add on the interval weekly until you become the first among all the runners in the world.

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