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The Components and Effects of Entourage Oil

Cannabis plants like marijuana and hemp are complex plant-forms that are composed of hundreds of chemical compounds. Some of these compounds are quite unique to the cannabis genus, while some are common in other plants found throughout nature.

And just like how nature and its components are meant to work together in synergy to achieve better results compared to working individually, the chemical compounds in cannabis extracts like cannabinoids and terpenes can work together to deliver an enhanced therapeutic effect, a concept which is called Entourage Effect.

Wide research from scientific circles have identifies that these chemical compounds are combined to produce a better synergistic therapeutic effect. This concept, when applied to produce products like CBD oil balm, CBD capsules and other CBD products, can generate therapeutic effects that promote better overall wellness.

There are hundreds of these chemical compounds but not all are beneficial or can generate the desired therapeutic effects. Among these compounds include Cannabichromene (CBC), Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabidiolic Acid (CBDA), and of course Cannabidiol or what is more popularly known as CBD. These are usually combined with flavonoids, essential oils, amino acids, and the aromatic terpenes, to produce quality products which are usually available in a reputable CBD shop.

Right now, continuous research is being conducted to better understand the components and effects of entourage oils the people can buy from a good and trusted CBD oil shop. The following infographic from Love CBD can be a useful reference to help get you a better understanding and a better insight regarding CBD products and Entourage Effect.

To learn more about the different CBD products and their uses, check the infographic below from LoveCBD.