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Reviewing What Is Involved In Science-Based Addiction Treatment

Addiction presents individuals with differing circumstances. For some addicts, they hide their addiction so well that it takes profound issues to emerge before the family becomes aware. For others, the addiction leads to criminal activities and issues with the law. Reviewing what is involved in science-based addiction treatment shows the individuals what to expect moving forward.

Making the Body Healthier

Making the body healthier helps the individual feel better about themselves and take steps to improve the damage caused by the addiction. Each patient starts an exercise plan and a new diet when entering the treatment program. It is vital to improve the body when fighting addiction and achieve healthy levels of dopamine and serotonin. The right exercise plan increases the production of the feel-good hormones. It is a healthy way of increasing the release of the hormones instead of using drugs or alcohol. When an addict uses, the brain releases a high level of the hormones. Unfortunately, as the addiction progresses, the addict must use more to achieve the same level of hormone release. Starting an exercise and diet plan helps the addict balance their hormone levels and become healthier.

Understanding Your Negative Behaviors Toward Family Members

Understanding negative behaviors toward family members helps the individual define what changes they need to make. It is also important to define if the negative behaviors are due to the addiction or if there are underlying reasons. For example, if the individual has negative feelings toward a family member that hurt them, it is important to deal with these feelings in a healthy way. Some patients may choose to cut ties with family members that generate negative outcomes in their life. It is important for the individual to set healthy boundaries with their family and forge healthy relationships. Individuals who want to learn more about managing negative behaviors and thoughts contact a local rehab center in Portsmouth today.

The 12 Steps Without Religion

The traditional 12 steps are used in a science-based addiction treatment program. However, the program doesn’t impose any type of religious principles onto the patients. Each patient takes their own steps for working through the program and repairing their lives. The science-based program was designed to include parts of traditional recovery treatment that have proven beneficial to the patients and increases their rate of success.

Completing Proper Therapy

With proper therapy, patients have the opportunity to meet with a counselor and discuss issues that fuel their addiction. One-on-one therapy helps the individual uncover underlying issues that have led to the addiction. Family therapy helps the individual rebuild relationships with family members and work through problems together. Some programs offer group therapy for all patients. However, some patients don’t feel comfortable discussing their addiction with others.

Addiction treatment involves steps for improving the body and mind. Addiction causes serious changes in the brain and rewires neuropathways. It also takes a toll on the body. When undergoing treatment, the patients start diet and exercise programs to improve the body. Individuals who are ready to start a new life contact a counselor right now.

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