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How To Reduce Symptoms Of Depression Naturally

Depression is a common mental illness that a lot of people have been facing. Especially during the lockdown people have started to feel the effects. With GP’s being overflowing it is difficult to get help for any kind of mental health at the minute and the medication can actually make you worse at first. If you have depression, you know how crippling it is in the mornings as you just want to curl up in a ball and hide away from the world. Well in this article, nobody will be telling you to snap out of it or to cheer up because this is not helpful. We will, however, be giving you some helpful tips that will help you to reduce the symptoms of depression naturally.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise might not be everyone’s first choice or what the doctors would prescribe but it should be. A study from Duke University discovered that 30 minutes of exercise three times a week is just as good as having antidepressants medication. It is shown that people who do commit to exercise regularly rarely relapse and go back to being depressed.

Get More Sleep

Sleep and mood are both factors that play hand in hand together. Get too little sleep and your mood will change for the worse so make sure your sleep hygiene is good. This means keeping a regular bedtime and wake up at the same time each night too. Another way to set good sleep hygiene is to make sure the room is dark, clutter-free and quiet. This is not an excuse to have the TV on or use your mobile, give yourself 30 minutes of relaxing before you go to sleep. If you struggle to get to sleep then you can try to do some exercise in the day to use some of that energy up. You could also read a book, have a consistent bedtime and give yourself a period where it’s just for relaxing.

Cut The Caffeine

There are many foods and drinks that are laced with caffeine such as coffee, tea, fizzy drinks and chocolate to name a few. It’s best to try and cut down on these as it can affect your mood when you are craving it and it will also affect your sleep. By allowing yourself to limit your caffeine intake to in the moringa or not having any after late afternoon, then you will start to sleep better and feel better. If you do have a lot of caffeine it won’t be easy cutting down without having withdrawal effects so take it slow.

Take Your Vitamins

Vitamins help with everything so it’s no surprise that vitamins will help with symptoms of depression. Vitamin D is an essential vitamin and is a common vitamin that most people are deficient in, especially in those winter months. By allowing yourself to take vitamin D tablets, it can help with your mood dramatically due to them regulating your moods. Other vitamins that sow to improve your depression symptoms include Magnesium and Zinc supplements.