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German Shepherd Pet Food Recipes

German shepherds live a really active existence. More often than not, its smart for any dog to possess his doggone days to contain gourmet meals! Here are a few german shepherd pet food recipes that the dog is bound to love.

Recipe One


2.5 kilograms of beef (ground)

1.25 kilograms of chicken (ground)

1.25 kilograms of poultry (ground)

2.5 kilograms of baby carrots

2 baking taters

3 glasses of brown grain

3 bits of eggs

3 cups chicken broth

2 cups water

First, mix beef, chicken and poultry together. Put it within the oven.

Then, mix grain chicken broth and water. Prepare for half an hour in medium heat.

Beat the eggs slightly. Never exaggerate it. Then, add taters and carrots. Prepare for an additional twenty to thirty minutes.

After things are done, put it inside a container and lastly within the freezer.

Recipe Two


7.5 kilograms of chicken meat

2.5 kilograms of organ meats

2 glasses of peas

2 glasses of grain (brown)

1 cup of lentils

4 cloves of garlic clove

3 cups vegetables of any sort (based on your choice)

Prepare first the chicken meat. Then, bake all meats with dry vegetables (e.g. split peas).

Scrape all of the meat in the bones and rip the meat into smaller sized pieces. Put it within the mixer and grind in the raw meats.

Then, with lentils, add brown grain and prepare. Put it within the mixer all of the vegetables plus garlic clove.

Toss altogether and put it into containers and freeze.

When serving, have a concentrated stew and put water then heat it within the microwave until it’s warm.

In case your dog feels that pang for the goody treats, just combine it with a few of these german shepherd pet food recipes []. Make certain that it’s dry or it’ll affect the taste.


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