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Controlling Food Cravings

Finding it difficult to count those calories? For all your efforts to lose weight, it’s hard to hit the gym when those jelly rolls are getting in the way.

We all know that eating less means weighing less, but sticking to a strict diet is difficult when your stomach is roaring for more, even after eating enough carrots to feed a small country.

By controlling the true source of those cravings, you will finally be able to lose those extra pounds.

It’s All in Your Head

Your brain controls every function that takes place in your body, including how your body stores weight. The hypothalamus, responsible for metabolic processes, synthesizes and secretes hormones that control hunger, thirst, sleep, and fatigue. When all these processes are functioning properly, your body will stay healthy.

Like a complex super-computer, your brain monitors these processes by sending on and off signals to the rest of your body. When you need more food, hormones trigger neuropeptides that will make you feel hungry and find something to eat. Once you’ve eaten, your brain will send more signals that tells you to stop eating. Overall, it’s a good system.

Battle of the Neuropeptides

Unfortunately, with all the processed and readily-made food available, it’s easy to throw a wrench in the system. The start and stop battle inside your hypothalamus is focused on two neuropeptides called CART and NPY, and when they’re out of balance, they can wreak havoc on your appetite.


Everyone needs to eat to survive. It’s a simple fact. In order to keep your body from starving to death, your hypothalamus triggers NPY, which makes you feel hungry. When NPY is stimulated, your metabolism is decreased while your appetite is increased. It’s hard to stick to your diet when NPY is constantly telling you to eat that last muffin on your kitchen counter.


The abbreviated form of Cocaine Amphetamine Regulatory Transcript, CART is the opposite of NPY. When stimulated, CART tells your body it’s full—reducing your desire to eat. CART increases the metabolism, burning the calories you recently consumed for energy rather than storing fat.

Eat Less = Weigh Less

Now that you understand the stop and go process inside your brain, it might be a good time to consider your middle. Regular exercise can help keep your muscles toned, but you’ll never see that six-pack if you can’t burn off the layer of fat on top.
You obviously need to be eating healthy as well as exercising regularly in order to lose those extra pounds. By consuming fewer calories, your body will resort to burning fat for energy. But how can you stick to your no-carb diet when you feel the urge to eat all the time?

Acai Berry with Green Tea

Unlike most weight loss products, Acai Berry with Green Tea is specifically designed to control the hormones NPY and CART. By suppressing your desire to eat and by stimulating your metabolism to burn more calories, Acai Berry with Green Tea can help you reach your weight loss goals.

Acai Berry with Green Tea contains DiCaffeine malate, which stimulates the mind and body while suppressing your appetite, helping you to control your calorie intake. Additionally, ingredients such as Razberi-K, ginger, and cocoa extract have repeatedly shown their weight loss abilities in multiple studies and will not only help you lose weight but flush unnecessary waste from your body and regulate cholesterol levels as well.

By controlling those cravings, Acai Berry with Green Tea works from the inside out to give you the weight loss results you’re looking for.

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