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Cancer Treatment: How Effective Is Interventional Radiology?

Interventional Radiology uses the method of production of a radiological image of body parts to provide guidance and improve precision in the treatment process. The image helps in diagnosing and treating diseases in nearly every organ system. The idea behind this procedure is to reduce risks, cause less pain and shorten the recovery time compared to open surgeries. Compared to open and laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery, this is a minimally invasive alternative that allows healing faster. It is also known as a pinhole surgery because IR procedures start with passing a needle through the skin to the target.

Not only is it effective for cancer treatment but also helps diagnose many perilous diseases. Some common interventional modalities used in IR technique include fluoroscopy, ultrasound scanner, computed tomography (CT), andmagnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Ionizing radiation is used in Fluoroscopy and CT to find a treatment method faster. In case of MRI, superior tissue contrast is possible but it requires a specialized instrument and hence, turns out a little expansive for many patients.

Interventional radiology techniques are applicable in various scenarios. Some of the procedures for which it is used are:

Chemoembolization – Chemoembolization is a method in which the treatment is given directly to the tumour through its blood supply. The clot-inducing substance is used in this process to keep a check on the blood flow in the artery.

Angiography – Often, blood vessels in our body get blocked due to a number of reasons. To treat this situation, X-ray imaging of blood vessels is done. It helps to identify the blockage or narrowing of the vessels with the help of IR images. Subsequently, physicians insert a small stent keeping the image in mind to inflate and open the blocked vessels.

Needle biopsy – The process includes inserting a small needle into the damaged part of the body. The process is done with the guidance of the images produced. Surgical intervention is not required in this type of biopsy.

Balloon angioplasty/stent– Balloon angioplasty is an alternative to Angiography. However, it uses a different procedure. Instead of a stent, doctors use a small balloon and fix it on the tip of the catheter. This helps to further widen the narrowed vessel in the body.

Catheters insertions – When a catheter is inserted into a large vein and used for delivering chemotherapy drugs, nutritional support, and hemodialysis, the process is known as Catheters insertions. This type of catheter is divided mainly into five types:

Radiology treatment is paramount for curing diseases like cancer and other fatal diseases. The process requires a group of well-qualified physicians to deliverthe desired results.

For processes like catheter insertion, it significantly assists doctors in ensuring precision and perfection. However, the catheter used should be of top quality. Smart Medical Buyer, one of the most prominent online retailers of medical devices and equipment, is your one-stop shop to buy top-quality catheters along with other high-end stethoscopes, otoscopes, laryngeal mask, bp monitoring machine etc.

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