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All About Cannabis Edibles

A cannabis edible is exactly what the name says: a food item that contains cannabis. Cannabis edibles have become a popular form of consuming cannabis, both medically and recreationally, in recent years. Cannabis edibles are a good choice for individuals looking to consume pot without smoking. However, there are subtle differences in the effects of using edibles, as well as certain risks to keep in mind, especially if you’re new to cannabis.

So, You Mean Pot Brownies, Right?

Well, yes, I suppose pot brownies are the classic edible that people think about. They’re easy to make at home and the flavor that comes from the cannabis mixes nicely with the flavor of the chocolate. However, cannabis edibles in the twenty-first century have come a long way from those weedy brownies your hippy college friend brought to a party 30 years ago! Modern cannabis edibles come in many forms, from baked goods like cookies and brownies to candies, gummies, and even cannabis-infused drinks. With cannabis edibles, there’s really no shortage of options today.

Who Uses Cannabis Edibles?

Edibles are particularly popular with medical cannabis patients, especially those suffering from chronic pain and insomnia. Medical patients might also not want to smoke their medicine, and consuming edibles gives patients a cleaner method of consumption. Edibles are also popular with first-time cannabis users, who also might be put off by smoking.

But Don’t Edibles “Feel Different?”

Yes, they do. When you eat cannabis instead of smoking or vaporizing it, it’s absorbed and metabolized more slowly. As a result, the effects from edible cannabis often have a lag time of one or two hours after eating. Additionally, the effects last longer, often as much as eight hours. Cannabis edibles also produce what in the community is called a “body high” more strongly than vaporized or smoked cannabis. A “body high” is the sensation of whole-body relaxation and relief from pain that many medical patients are seeking, but also tends to produce drowsiness.

What Are the Risks Associated with Using Cannabis Edibles

First, take the word “risk” with a hefty grain of salt. Cannabis is completely non-toxic, and edibles are no exception. However, it’s possible to over-consume your cannabis with edibles, and this is in fact quite common with new cannabis users who’ve chosen to try edibles for the first time. Because it often takes the user a couple of hours to feel the effects, users may overindulge under the mistaken belief that they’ve consumed something lacking in potency. Overconsuming cannabis is a classic case of too much of a good thing. The effects of too much cannabis aren’t pleasant: you may feel dizzy, nauseous, extremely sleepy, and paranoid. Your heart will race and your mouth will be dry. Thankfully, though, the effects will pass. Cannabis overconsumption is easy to treat call dominos and take a nap! Just make sure you don’t reach for more brownies!

What Should I Look for in Cannabis Edibles?

When buying cannabis edibles commercially, make sure you read the packaging thoroughly. You’re going to be looking for the serving size and the amount of THC per serving. 10 mg is a good place to start. For some cannabis products, a serving can be quite small. Make sure you talk to the dispensary staff. They can give you great recommendations. They can also point you toward edibles made from particular strains in order to produce certain effects.

Final Thoughts on Cannabis Edibles

Edibles can be a great way to consume cannabis, especially if you’re looking for stronger physical effects, or if you want to avoid smoking. Edibles are tasty, discrete, and easy to use. You do need to use a bit of caution with the dosage, though, as it is quite easy to overindulge.

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