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4 Tips To Alleviate Joint Pain In Arthritis

Arthritis is a silent killer that resembles any other inflammatory condition in the beginning. The inflammation, eventually, transforms into a full-fledged swell bump around the joints. The patients might also experience severe muscle stiffness around the affected area accompanied by the feeling of slight warmth within. Warmth is an outcome of excessive blood flow towards the affected joints. Having said that, arthritis is of multiple kinds and, disappointedly, most arthritic forms are incurable. However, there are certain ways that can relieve your joint, tendon, muscle, and arthritis pain in the long term. If you’ve been dangling in the painful pit of this bone and muscle disorder, then the tips below are no less than a goldmine that you must explore.

How To Get Instant Relief From Arthritis Pain?

To begin with, arthritis is of different types. Medically speaking, it can be of more than 100 types. The most common ones, however, are Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Gout, and Lupus. Thus, the correct diagnosis of the form is necessary to decide the course of correct treatment.

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Considering the fact that most of these forms are degenerative or inflammatory conditions that cannot be reversed, the best possible natural treatment is to slow down the impact and effect of arthritis.

The list below will take you through the most recommended ways that will help relieve your joint, tendon, muscle, and arthritis pain, tendon, muscle, and arthritis pain.

1. Hot/Cold Compress For Arthritis Pain

Hot/cold compress has traditionally been used to relieve arthritis pain and even swelling. Whilst it’s heat treatment that works for some people, some others find comfort in cold compress. Temperature variation is used to numb the nerve endings at the affected area. It is helpful in the following ways.

Numb nerves cut down painful sensation
Numbness creates such an illusion that the mind stops receiving signals of acute swelling. Thus, blood flow to the affected area is reduced. As a result, swelling and pain subside.

Thus, heat/cold treatment is best for all kinds of arthritis since they offer instant relief.

2. Weight Management

It might sound unusual, but weight loss helps in reducing arthritis pain. According to a study conducted on obese people in 2005, a reduction in 1 pound of weight reduces 4 pounds of stress from the joints. Lesser stress on joints means;

Less muscular wear and tear
Less muscular tension
Less pain

3. Anti-inflammatory Herbs and Foods

Foods that can reduce overall inflammation in the body are good options to reduce pain and swelling caused by inflammation. Turmeric, for instance, contains curcumin that is a very strong anti-inflammatory agent. You can also count on other anti-inflammatory foods like;

4. Joint Massage

Massage is helpful in arthritis because it reduces muscular tension and stiffness. You can massage the affected areas at home with essential oils to reduce pain and swelling too.

Essential oils that can help people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis include;

Eucalyptus oil
Lavender oil
Primrose oil

Some other professional anti-arthritic massages that are medically proven to be effective for releasing muscular tension include;

Deep tissue massage
Swedish massage
Hot stone massage
Thai massage

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