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Great Ways For the Best Treatment of Mental Therapy

The treatment of psychic disorders involves multiple mean regular contacts with caregivers, psychotherapy, psychosocial rehabilitation, social support, mutual aid, etc. Medications are only part of the treatment that can help the person in their recovery journey. With the therapy sheffield option this is the best deal that you can make now.

Dialogue is essential

It is sometimes difficult to talk about his mental disorders and his treatments. Yet, it is essential to be understood. The role of caregivers is to help patients achieve a better life, taking into account their experiences and knowledge of the disease. An open dialogue with caregivers is essential for taking into account the needs and difficulties of patients.

  • Indiana University psychologists have conducted a large-scale study and found that therapeutic programs on the Internet effectively suppress depression.
  • As part of the scientific work, psychologists conducted a meta-analysis of 21 studies, which involved 4781 people, according to Medical Xpress.
  • Over the past few years, many online applications and websites have stated the need to treat depression.
  • The topic of this year’s study was programs that help treat mental disorders through cognitive-behavioral therapy.

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According to scientists, online applications based on cognitive-behavioral therapy can be considered as a new tool for solving a serious public health problem.

According to the expert, almost every fourth person suffers from a depressive disorder: people with mild depression or who have depression for a week or a month with several symptoms. Each year, their numbers are growing, exceeding the number of psychologists who can help them.

By conducting a meta-regression analysis, psychologists have found that therapeutic programs relieve symptoms of depression and work in mild, moderate, and severe cases.

Many studies conducted within the framework of the analysis have compared the use of cognitive behavioral therapy applications on the Internet with queued treatment or the use of a “fake program” that provided poor user recommendations. In these cases, iCBT applications performed the best.

This does not mean that you should stop taking your medication, but simply download the program. Individual therapy and antidepressants may be more effective than iCBT supplements.

  • However, the scientist added that the programs relieve the burden on doctors and help reduce the symptoms of depression.
  • Internet therapy also has the advantage of situations where access to a healthcare professional is impossible or unaffordable.
  • We will remind, depression and obesity are considered one of the most serious diseases in the whole world.


Psychotherapy is a treatment whose purpose is the care and healing by psychological means. It is carried out through regular interviews, individually or in groups, with a psychotherapist. The duration of treatment varies from a few months to a few years.

Psychotherapy can be practiced alone or in combination with other treatments (e.g. prescription drugs).

There are different forms of psychotherapy that can benefit people with depression. Psychotherapy techniques are essentially based on the use of speech , associated or supplemented by bodily mediations.

Drug treatments

Some medicines, called antidepressants, can be used to treat depression. They are part of the family of psychotropic drugs that modify the psyche and behavior by acting on the neurobiological mechanisms of the brain.

Antidepressants are not used alone to treat depression, they complement the psychological and social support of the patient.

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