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You will find tons of different kind of exercise equipment available so monitoring them can be very the job, for a specialist. The constantly increase of recent kind of innovations and equipment also don’t help and may intimidate newcomers towards the fitness world. We’ve compiled a summary of the most typical terms regarding exercise equipment and break them lower to easy to understand, non-jargon explanations. We’ve also detailed which part of the body the gear targets, if relevant. If words like ergometer, P80 console and cruz machine baffle you, their list will probably be your friend. We’ve collected up all of the exercise equipment names that people may find and we’re constantly contributing to their list.

Ab Bench

Category: Strength

Parts Of The Body Targeted: abdominals

An ab bench is really a fitness bench that’s generally in a decline, usually with padded leg rollers to hook your legs or feet around to carry out a crunch or sit-up. There’s also adjustable versions of those where one can perform different exercises on.

Adjustable Bench

Category: Strength

Parts Of The Body Targeted: N/A

Much like a flat bench, but they’re adjustable either to be a flat bench, an incline bench or perhaps a decline bench.


An abbreviation for that Precor AMT (Adaptive Motion Trainer) which is a brand-in-one elliptical trainer. With the ability to change strides and adjust to the consumer with no manual adjustments.

Arc Trainer

Category: Cardio

Parts Of The Body Targeted: hamstrings, quads, gluteus maximus, core (whether it includes torso: triceps, biceps, back)

A cardio machine produced by Cybex that carefully resembles an elliptical, however the independent floating pedal mechanism further reduces effect on your lower joints.

Aided Face Dip

Category: Strength

Parts Of The Body Targeted: triceps, deltoids, pectorals, abdominals, biceps

An aided face dip machine is really a tower with two protruding rods. Some machines may have the consumer either kneel or get up on a weighted platform. The consumer begins with their arms in a ninety degree position and extends their arms to do the exercise.

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