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Best Choices for The Smart Scalp Odor Treatment

Sleeping with wet hair, keeping it stuck for many hours or accumulating product residues are some of the facilitators for the proliferation of mold-causing microorganisms in the scalp and in the extension of the strands.

What the Therapist Says

According to hair therapist, in most cases the odor is related to sweating or excessive secretion of sebum or oil released by the sebaceous glands. Therefore, hygiene is essential, especially for those with curly or curly hair.

Every day you smell a strange odor coming from your hair, but do you smell the ends and it doesn’t look like it’s there? 

  • It probably comes from the scalp. But before you think that the problem is your fault, know that the bad smell on the scalp is not necessarily poor hygiene.
  • There are different factors that can cause a bad smell on the scalp. But first, look at ways you can eliminate this odor from your life and not feel more uncomfortable or embarrassed by the problem.
  • Since the main reasons for the appearance of white dots, pointed out by the specialist are dirt and the way to hold the hair, the ideal is to wash and dry your hair well whenever you practice physical activity or expose yourself to the sun. “These precautions help to reduce the oil produced on the scalp”, he explains.
  • The presence of sebum at the root of the hair also creates a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria and fungi, resulting in a seborrheic condition. “Infectious follicles are responsible for causing the stench that, depending on the severity, can become repulsive.”

A professional suggestion to avoid embarrassing situations is to adhere to the use of shampoos, conditioners, moisturizing masks and styling creams specifically developed for oily scalp. They can be useful in removing the accumulation of dirt and dead cells. “If the odor persists, it is important to seek help from a dermatologist”, warns the hair therapist. The scalp odor shampoo is the best choice now.

Healthy wires

For university student Beatriz dos Santos who preserves her curls since she was a child, keeping her hair hydrated, well-behaved and healthy is a constant task.

So, even with the use of specific cosmetics, on oily roots, like Beatriz, when using the mask or even the combing cream, apply them two fingers away from the scalp. “This will prevent the accumulation of products in the pores, in the hair and, especially, problems related to itching or dandruff on the scalp”, he highlights.

Vegetable oils are the most suitable for humidification, when done correctly. Observe carefully on the packaging if it is a purely vegetable cosmetic. Keep an eye out for the composition of the product, and if your hair usually receives the components described on the packaging. Taking these precautions when choosing, you will hardly buy wrong cosmetics. “So, before you go shopping for the products your friend uses, seek help from a specialist and don’t forget to keep your hair healthy.”

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