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Doctors Embracing Regenerative Medicine for Valid Reasons

If you ever want to know what regenerative medicine looks like from a practical standpoint, all you need to do is Google phrases like 'PRP therapy' and 'stem cell therapy'. You'll find plenty of posts talking about things like vampire facials and stem cell injections. You will also find as

Benefit of using Structured Silver Work?

In many circles, molecular structuring and pH balancing used by recently developed silvers are gaining popularity. So, what are the recently developed silvers and why are they different from the other solutions and gels? The new silver’s characteristics are: Alkaline pH Molecular structure Low concentration of silver Different Types of Silver Ionic

A Treatment Solution for Ileoceceal Based Conditions

Crohn’s Disease is a debilitating and chronic condition which often leaves sufferers who have the most extreme symptoms with a low quality of life. Research has been powering forward at a relentless rate by many University research teams to try and alleviate some of the symptoms, and ultimately find a