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An open green space in Islamabad, Pakistan. Image Courtesy: Centre of Research for Public Health, Lahore, Pakistan

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theHealth is a growing international, peer-reviewed, open access, quarterly published journal. The journal entertains research manuscripts from all domains of health sciences.

theHealth has a policy of double blind peer review to assure that affiliations have no impact on the review process. All theHealth content is available free online. Printed issues are available by paid subscription.

Tim S Nawrot, PhD
University of Hasselt, Belgium
Muhammad Aslam, PhD
Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany
Ernesto Alfaro Moreno, PhD
Instituto Nacional de Cancerología, México Editor-in-Chief
  Amir Riaz, MD
Dorota Napierska, PhD Centre of Research for Public Health, Pakistan
University of Leuven, Belgium  
  Managing Editor
Jie Zhang, PhD Muhammad Sughis, PhD
Medical University of South Carolina, USA  
  Advisory Board
Zhiwei Ye, PhD Ann Van Schepdael, PhD
Karolinska Institute, Sweden University of Leuven, Belgium
Abderrahim Nemmar, PhD Rozenn Quarck, PhD
United Arab Emirates University, UAE University of Leuven, Belgium
Chrishantha Abeysena, PhD  
University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka  
Sven Deferme, PhD  
PharmaXL, Belgium  
Zafar Fatmi, FCPS  
Aga Khan Univeristy, Pakistan  
Javaid Nauman, PhD  
Norwegian University of Science & Technology, Norway  
Shazia Jamshaid, PhD  
International Islamic University, Malaysia  
Bisphenol A: how far we are?
Sughis M, Riaz A. theHealth 2014;5(1):1-2
Measles epidemic remain a challenge for health care professionals
Riaz A, Sughis M. theHealth 2013;4(3):31-35
Extreme usability: an integral feature to be addressed in post market monitoring of medical devices
Sughis M, Riaz A. theHealth 2013;4(2):12-13
Clinical trials: the evaluation towards more transparency
Deferme S. theHealth 2013;4(1):1-2
Changing face of AIDS: hope to infected millions
Kutikuppala SR. theHealth 2012;3(4):86-87
Migrant - sensitive health system
Abeysena C. theHealth 2012;3(4):88-89
National health observatories: Need for stepped-up action
Pourmalek F. theHealth 2012;3(3):63-64
Some considerations in knowing a sick person
Guedes Aureliano da S. theHealth 2012;3(3):65-66
Pharmaceuticals: Drug or poison
Riaz A. theHealth 2012;3(2):36-38
Quality, safety and efficacy: integral for the health of the public
Van Schepdael A. theHealth 2012;3(1):1-2
The first lawsuit over the health and environmental risks of nanotechnology and nanomaterials
Napierska D. theHealth 2012;3(1):3-4
Mechanism study is needed for better understanding of crystalline silica-induced silicosis and lung cancer
Ye Z Zhang J. theHealth 2012;3(1):5-6
Automated blood sampling in drug discovery and development
Deferme S. theHealth 2011;2(4):115-116
Biomass smoke: a silent killer
Riaz A, Sughis M. theHealth 2011;2(3):72-73
Most Popular
Survey of general conditions, disease prevalence, attitude of the concern in different localities of Lahore, Pakistan
Khan BN, Ahmad R, Ahmad S, Khan SA, Muhammad S, et al. Survey of general conditions, disease prevalence, attitude of the concern in different loclities of Lahore, Pakistan. theHealth. 2015;6(3-4):21-4.
Mobility, bridge population and HIV/AIDS: a study of truck drivers and Mathadi workers in Navi Mumbai, Maharasthra, India
Sridhar R. theHealth 2015;6(2):9-16
Contaminants of shallow groundwater: A case study in urban area of the Northeast of Pará State, Brazil
Araújo PP, Guedes Aureliano S, Abreu Francisco Matos A. theHealth 2015;6(2):17-19
Mapping the use of malaria rapid diagnostic tests in a country entering elimination
Wickramage K, Peiris S. theHealth 2015;6(1):1-5
Humanization in the pediatric ICU
Guedes Aureliano S, Quaresma Rosana SM. theHealth 2015;6(1):6-8
Challenges of surface modifications for enhanced properties of textile biomaterials
Kacem I, Afsharimani N. theHealth 2014;5(3-4):32-39
Humanization in the elderly care in the ICU
Guedes Aureliano S, Janahú Lila TA, Quaresma Rosana SM, Takemura Ricardo C. theHealth 2014;5(3-4):40-43
Why are specialists reluctant to reply to referral letters - exploring the views of specialists in Sri Lanka
Ramanayake RPJC, de Silva AHW, Perera DP, Sumanasekera RDN, Athukorala LACL, Fernando KAT. theHealth 2014;5(3-4):44-48
Post wheat harvest field practices among farmers and their impact - a survey based study
Shah A, Chattha IA, Ahmad A. theHealth 2014;5(3-4):49-52
How time-drive activity-based costing (TDABC) enable better use of existing resources in order to improve return on investment (ROI) in modern healthcare and hence facilitates a sustainable healthcare system
Waago-Hansen C. theHealth 2014;5(1):3-8
Epidemiological barriers applicable to therapeutic pools of saltwater
Guedes AS. theHealth 2014;5(1):9-15
Health informatics in Pakistan: Current scenario in capacity development for health professionals
Anwar F, Kumar R, Sulaiman S, Dominic DDP. theHealth 2013;4(4):62-65
Clozapine use in schizophrenia - an experience
Sarhandi I. theHealth 2013;4(4):66-70
Implications of umbilical cord blood serum in clinical applications
Gul A, Lone KP, Ahmad A. theHealth 2013;4(4):71-75
Integrated patient unit care in schizophrenia population vs a non-integrated patient unit care
Waago-Hansen C. theHealth 2013;4(3):36-39
Mortality, mortality patterns of hemodialysis (HD) patients and conscious level as predictor for mortality among patients undergoing HD in Punjab, Pakistan
Iqbal S, Anees M, Khawaja AR, Rizvi SNB. theHealth 2013;4(3):40-44
Financial burden of morbidity in HIV infected adults in Manipur, India: comparison between patients with different co-infection
Ngaihte EN. theHealth 2013;4(3):45-50
Emerging psychoses due to cannabinoid use - Clozapine as a tool for early intervention
Sarhandi I. theHealth 2013;4(2):14-19
Role of state in the provision of health care
Saeed MHB, Kazmi S, Moeen F, Bhatti Y. theHealth 2013;4(2):20-23
Epidemiological barriers appicable to aquatic therapy pool
Guedes AS. theHealth 2013;4(2):24-29
Screening for depression in coronary artery disease patients using PHQ-9
Fraz K, Khan SA, Sikander S. theHealth 2013;4(1):3-6
Detrusor instability responses to transvaginal versus posterior tibial nerve stimulation
Adly AS, Ali AT, Dalia MK, Sayed AT. theHealth 2012;3(4):90-93
Pilot research to determine the mercury content in fish consumed in Marabá, Brazil using the Allegra Method
Costa JV, Guedes AS. theHealth 2012;3(4):94-97
Patient held medical record: solution to fragmented health care in Sri Lanka
Ramanayake RPJC, Perera DP, De Sil va AHW, Sumanasekara RDN
Antithrombotic therapy: current status and future developments
Mishra N. theHealth 2012;3(4):98-108
Ambient air quality with emphasis on roadside junctions in metropolitan cities of Pakistan and its potential health effects
Majid H, Madl P, Alam K. theHealth 2012;3(3):79-85
Practice of family and non-family based directly observed treatment for tuberculosis in Pakistan: A retrospective cohort study
Raza S, Sarafaraz M, Ahmad M. theHealth 2012;3(2):39-44
Emergence of multidrug resistant bacterial infection in HIV/AIDS cases
Waikhom KD, Devi KS. theHealth 2012;3(2):49-52
Virulence traits of Shiga toxin producing Escherichia coli
Khan AB, Naim A. theHealth 2011;2(4):119-127
Emerging trends, confront and scenario in healthcare and antiviral development for infectious diseases
Mishra N. theHealth 2011;2(3):86-100
Lung deposition predictions of airborne particles and the emergence of contemporary diseases, Part-II
Madl P, Hussain M. theHealth 2011:2(3):101-107
Lung deposition predictions of airborne particles and the emergence of contemporary diseases, Part-I
Hussain M, Madl P, Khan A. theHealth 2011:2(2):51-59
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